Art with Ms. Florence

Room 902

Beginning Art

Students learn to recognize and apply basic artistic elements and principles, utilize creative and critical thinking, and identify cultural, gender, and artistic contributions throughout history through the development of two- and three-dimensional projects that employ a variety of subjects, applications, tools, materials (pencil, markers, paint, paper, wire, clay, papier maché, etc.), and technology, and through exhibiting, observation, research, note taking, reading, writing, and discussion of art.

Advanced Art

Students will advance their knowledge and skills in the Visual Arts. Students will apply and expand their knowledge of the elements and principles of design. More emphasis will be placed on composition, use of media, processes, techniques and creativity. Individuals will have a better understanding of the historical and cultural impact of prominent artists, periods, and movements in art. Students will deepen and broaden their investigation of art, sharpen their creativity, develop their personal style, expand their artistic applications, and improve their craftsmanship and techniques through the creation, exhibiting, observation, research, note taking, reading, writing, and discussion of art.

AP Studio Art

The AP Studio Art course is designed as a studio art class, which is taught at the college level. The course curriculum is based on the California State Standards (Advanced) and applicable Common Core State Standards. Every aspect of the class will require students to respond at a high level of responsibility, artistic expression, and sophistication. Students will gain an understanding that their art work is to demonstrate a sense of relevance based upon individual style, technique, and ideation.

Students will learn about, and participate in, class critiques and individual instructional conversations with the teacher. Every work of art is significant to the process, of the time restraints and production volume. Each student must be prepared to present their works of art for both private critiques and open class discussions.