Business Communications:

In this course, students will develop communication skills through activities and assignments and on-campus work with the food service department/cafeteria. Students will learn the basic principles of business communications by various means, including, textbook assignments, teacher created tasks/activities, and on-the-job training/work, under the supervision of the instructor and the food service manager, on campus. On-the-job training will include serving food to students during nutrition break or lunch, managing the cash registers, cash handling, coordinating/controlling student lunch lines, schedule making, teamwork, etc., providing a real application to much of the knowledge they will acquire from the text/curriculum.

Grading Policy:

Group & Individual Projects/Assignments
Job Performance

Job Performance:

When working with the Food Service team, it is expected that each student performs his/her job as a professional, project an image of competence, and follow all rules and expectations for the job station he/she is assigned.

Students can lose points by not showing up to work, and by being late to their assigned work station. However, students can make up their lost points by working at other times when not assigned to work.


  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 3

International Business: