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AP Computer Science Principles (AKA Intro to Computer Science)

CS Principles will be a new AP (Advanced Placement) class in the Fall of 2016. CPH is currently piloting the CS Principles course using curriculum created by Prof. Simon from UCSD. CS Principles is closely aligned with the CSE 3 course at UCSD and a similar course at SDSU. In fact, CPH students can earn a college credit through SDSU Extension for their work in CS Principles at CPH.

At CPH, CS Principles students use Alice (3D Animation software), App Inventor (Android App Development Software), and Code Academy (Spring 2016) as tools to learn about Computer Science. While the main purpose of the course is not to teach programming, programming is a large part of what we do. Past years we have used Khan Academy (Spring 2015) and Code Avengers (Spring 2014) instead of Code Academy. All 3 are great resources for learning Javascript.

CS Principles seeks to broaden participation in computing and computer science. The course will focus on 7 big ideas:
  • Computing is a creative human activity that engenders innovation and promotes exploration.
  • Abstraction reduces information and detail to focus on concepts relevant to understanding and solving problems.
  • Data and information facilitate the creation of knowledge.
  • Algorithms are tools for developing and expressing solutions to computational problems.
  • Programming is a creative process that produces computational artifacts.
  • Digital devices, systems, and the networks that interconnect them enable and foster computational approaches to solving problems.
  • Computing enables innovation in other fields including mathematics, science, social science, humanities, arts, medicine, engineering, and business.
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The development of AP CS Principles is a joint project between the College Board and the folks at csprinciples.org

For info about Computer Science and why it is important, check out code.org

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