Multimedia Productions - Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

Instructor: Siena Barroso
Instructor: Daniel Pearson
From Fall of 2008 - Spring 2011, CPH offered ROP Multimedia Productions with as many as 10 sections in one semester. Beginning in the 2011 - 2012 school year the program was reduced to one instructor on the ROP backing was eliminated. CPH still offers Multimedia, just not as an ROP course. Visit the Multimedia page.

This course provides entry-level training in media production and technology. Students use state-of-the art multimedia equipment including digital cameras, computers, scanners, printers, and current software used in multimedia creation. This course also provides content for knowledge and skills in the business arena of multimedia productions to better prepare students.

Career development is also a part of this course. Students will be introduced to the necessary skills needed for students planning to enter the workforce or continue training for a future career.

Instruction covers the following areas:

  • Computer graphics
  • Desktop publishing
  • Web page design
  • Multimedia authoring and presentations
  • Computer animation

Career Pathway: Media and Design Arts Pathway

Employment Possibilities:
  • Media production specialist
  • Web page designer
  • Animator
  • Video production specialist/assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Desktop publisher