Robots Day 3
  1. Sign in to your CS2N account
  2. Open Robot Virtual Worlds - Vex (NOT Graphical)

Vids on using Encoders -
Movement - Shaft Encoders - Watch this one (together?)
  • How to used the Shaft Encoders to control how a robot moves

Forward for Distance Part 1 - skip, I will demo
  • How to use the Motors and Sensors setup Menu
Forward for Distance Part 2 - Watch this one (individually?)
  • Explains why clearing encoders is important
  • Explains while loop
The Sensor Debug Window
  • Useful when using real robots
  • Includes Basketball Drill (below Quiz questions) using Encoders - Direct Link
Forward and Turning
  • Shows the Math of Wheel Rotations and Encoder Counts

Behaviors and Functions
  • How to make a function in RobotC